About Viva Creatives

ViVa Creatives is the baby of Viral and Vaishali. Ever since these two souls met, and got married, the creative bug within them was craving for more. Decorating home, gifting handcrafted items, making clay novelties and painting stained glass were not the only thing they wanted to limit themselves.

They found a potential in handcrafted designer envelopes. "You can put a new thought in each design." says Viral, who is basically an IT professional, managing www.indicept.com.

Vaishali agrees and adds, "Designing creative is a challenging task where you need to play with colors and give justice to all the ingredients used to make one." Vaishali also runs another website www.indian-cooking.info where she speaks about her cooking passion.

The motto of ViVa Creatives is to develop anything that is creative. Currently, we are focusing primarily on anything that has hand crafted creativity.

ViVa Creatives can take orders for all sort of customized handcrafted items. We are supplying to individuals, retailers, wholesalers and exhibitors too.